2019-2020 first grade Book List

*Prices are subject to change- what is listed is estimated cost. You are welcome to find books at other places than link, however, the book must be the same edition.


Rhythm of Handwriting Manuscript Student Book - $10.00
Rhythm of Handwriting Quick Reference (Manuscript) - $8.00 (optional- one per family)
First Language Lessons 1 - $10.65
Foundations C Student Workbook - 2nd Edition - $19.00
Foundations D Student Workbook - $19.00
Phonogram game cards (Manuscript) - $10.00 (one set per family)
Basic Phonogram Flash Cards - $18.00 (one set per family)
Phonogram and Spelling Rule Quick Reference - $8.00 (optional - one per family)
Handwriting Without Tears - Writing Journal B - $4.35


Readers material fee - $35.00*

Foreign language

Language Fee $25


Math in Focus Grade 1 Workbook A and B Set - $19.95
Math in Focus Grade 1 Student Book A and B Set - $50.10


Biblio Plan Remember The Days- Modern Text E-Book** (OPTIONAL)
Biblio Plan Coloring Book - (OPTIONAL)
Biblio Plan Audio Book - $24.95 (OPTIONAL)
**We have a 30% discount code to enter at checkout. Please email admin@arrowprep.org to get the code before purchasing (we are not allowed to publish it on the website).
CC - Cycle 1 Memory Work- You can also get this from iTunes.
Map Fee - $15.00 (Will be billed out.)


The Sassafras Science Adventures Volume 3: Botany - $15.99 (One per family)
Lapbooking through Botany with the Sassafras Twins (eBook) - $15.00 (one per family)
Audio Book Botany- $18.00 (OPTIONAL)
The Sassafras Science Adventures Volume 4: Earth Science - $15.99 (one per family)
Audio Book Earth Science - $18.00 (OPTIONAL)
Lapbooking through Earth Science with the Sassafras Twins - (eBook) $15.00 (one per family)
$20 lab fee*
Sassafras Coloring App – Free! (only available for Android at this time)


Jesus Storybook Bible - $11.25 (one per family)
Sword Fighting - $16.99 (Feel free to order used, one per family)
Bible Class Curriculum - $20 fee

Group purchasing through school

* An invoice will be emailed for group purchases and resource fees:
Dry Erase Board ($6), Readers material Fee ($35), Science Lab fee ($20), Bible Curriculum ($20), Language Fee ($25)