2019-2020 Kindergarten Book List

*Prices are subject to change- what is listed is estimated cost. You are welcome to find books at other places than link, however, the book must be the same edition.


Graded readers material fee - $25.00*


Foundations A Student Workbook - $15.00
Foundations B Student Workbook - $15.00
Basic Phonogram Flash Cards - $18.00 (one set per family)
Phonogram game cards- $10.00
Rhythm of Handwriting Manuscript Tactile Cards - $28.00 (optional-one set per family)
Rhythm of Handwriting Quick Reference (Manuscript) - $8.00 (optional - one per family) 
Phonogram and Spelling Rule Quick Reference - $8.00 (optional - one per family)
Handwriting Without Tears, Writing Journal A - $4.35

Foreign language

Language Fee $25


Math in Focus Grade K Student - 4 Book Set - $40.60


Biblio Plan Remember The Days- Modern Text Book, E- Copy** (OPTIONAL)
Biblio Plan Coloring Book - (OPTIONAL)
Biblio Plan Audio Book - $24.95 (OPTIONAL)
**We have a 30% discount code to enter at checkout. Please email admin@arrowprep.org to get the code before purchasing (we are not allowed to publish it on the website).
CC - Cycle 1 Memory Work- You can also get this from iTunes.
Map Fee - $15.00 (Will be billed out.)


The Sassafras Science Adventures Volume 3: Botany - $15.99 (One per family)
Audio Book Botany- $18.00 (OPTIONAL)
Lapbooking through Botany with the Sassafras Twins (eBook) - $15.00 (one per family)
The Sassafras Science Adventures Volume 4: Earth Science - $15.99 (one per family)
Audio Book Earth Science - $18.00 (OPTIONAL)
Lapbooking through Earth Science with the Sassafras Twins - (eBook) $15.00 (one per family)
Lab fee - $20*
Sassafras Zoology Coloring App – Free! (only available for Android at this time)


Jesus Storybook Bible - $10.95 (one per family)
Sword Fighting - $16.99 (One per family)
Bible Class Curriculum - $20 fee

Group Purchasing by school

Dry Erase Board ($6), Reader Fee ($25), Lab Fee ($20), Map Fee ($15), Bible Curriculum Fee ($20), Language Fee ($25)

* An invoice will be emailed for group purchases and resource fees.