Collaborating with parents to build a supportive educational community 

We believe that positive parent-child relationships are the single most influential factor in a child's educational performance, as well as their emotional, social, and spiritual development. By providing time, flexibility, and academic expertise, Arrow Prep aspires to maintain an educational model that yields the necessary room for those relationships to flourish. 

University-Model® schools, by their very design, integrate the home and school in age-appropriate ways throughout the scholastic experience. They assist parents with the modern-day difficulties of preparing their children for college and an ever changing cultural and economic landscape, while at the same time recognizing the parents’ unique role in communicating faith and values. For parents to succeed in their all-important task of discipleship, it is essential for families to experience meaningful time together. Traditional school systems, by virtue of their structure, make this meaningful family time hard to come by. The University-Model gives time and access back to parents in exchange for their commitment to be academically and relationally involved with their students at home in the satellite classroom. Such involvement, when lovingly and joyfully administered, leads to greater opportunity for parents to succeed in teaching the most important subjects – faith, hope, and love. This partnership between parents and teachers provides the best of both worlds–quality education in a format that brings families together.