Meditations in color: a charity painting workshop benefiting arrow preparatory academy

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Meditations in Color: Painting that encourages pause, reflection and rest.

Have you ever pondered why certain paintings move you, evoking awe, peace, or joy? Painting can connect us to our emotions in new and powerful ways. Art is one of the ways we make sense of our environment, express or process feelings and understand things with our hearts when we can’t with our minds. Rachelle’s ‘mercyscape’ paintings explore the notion that mercy is like light. Moved by this analogy, she has spent more than a decade researching the properties of light in her work. Her paintings are executed in a graceful and convincing manner using compositional drama with an emphasis on repetition and process. This workshop is designed to invite you into snippets of her painting process which encourages pause, reflection and rest.

During this 2 hour workshop, Rachelle will explore these themes and walk participants through a step-by-step process enabling anyone with or without painting experience to apply some creative techniques to paint their very own ‘mercyscape’. By the end of the workshop, participants will walk away with a completed painting on canvas and a heap of new techniques and insight into the endless possibilities of acrylic painting. All art supplies and tools will be provided as part of the cost of the workshop.

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About Rachelle Kearns:

Rachelle is mesmerized by beautiful moments – not just because of the aesthetics, but because it stirs her soul and allows her to experience something beyond herself, something far greater than her own reality. These moments feel like inspired glimpses of truth and they are only found when she pauses long enough to take them in. For more than a decade, Rachelle's paintings have paid tribute to these moments found in our everyday experience; Light dancing on water, a floating bubble or the shimmer of a sparkling chandelier. Upon discovery, she has analyzed, pursued and honored these moments through four extensive bodies of work: the ‘mercyscape’, ‘breakthrough’,‘light’ and ‘bubbly’ series of paintings.

Rachelle received her Bachelor of Arts at the University of Toronto with a specialist in Fine Arts and Art History as well as her Diploma in Art from Sheridan College. She is an accomplished artist exhibiting in Canada, the U.S. and Switzerland. Her work has graced the pages of ‘Canadian House and Home’ and ‘Style at Home’ magazines, the walls of Tiffany & Co. worldwide, and has been featured in Candice Olsen’s Divine Design television show (HGTV, W Network).