Welcome to Arrow Preparatory Academy

Arrow Preparatory Academy is an interdenominational Christian school located in Edmonds, WA. In the 2019-2020 academic year we are offering Kindergarten through Sixth Grade. We offer a truly unique educational approach that is centered around the development of mind, heart and character. Seeking to embody a love of God, love of family and love of learning, Arrow Prep's academic program partners with parents to provide for their children an education that focuses on the whole child, using the University ModelĀ®. With small, engaging classrooms and a hands-on approach to learning, our goal is to cultivate a joyful learning environment where students and families thrive.

An incremental, sequenced, Hands-on approach to learning

Our fusion of investigative learning and the classical model of teaching is truly unique. Skills, tools and knowledge are intentionally sequenced and layered for students, so that every new piece is a building block to success. In the later years this foundation acts as a springboard for creativity and critical thinking, where the student is encouraged to become increasingly independent and self-directed in their learning. We believe that active bodies stimulate active minds, and especially in the younger years when attention spans are limited, we incorporate a variety of physical activities into the school day to keep students alert and engaged.

Parent Support Role

Students meet on campus three days a week under the direction of professional teachers, and complete lessons at home on alternate days with parents serving as a tutor. New concepts are introduced and taught at school by professional teachers while the application and reinforcement of the concept takes place at home on the other two days. This provides a wonderful opportunity to maintain strong family relationships through increased time together.


While academic excellence is core to the University ModelĀ® and something we embrace wholeheartedly, Arrow Preparatory Academy focuses first on the heart. We firmly believe that students of strong character, firmly rooted in Jesus and confident in themselves and their abilities, will inherently possess the internal motivation that drives them to succeed in their academic and creative endeavors.