High academic standards within a nurturing, creative and hands-on learning environment

We hold an unfailing belief that if you ask excellence of students, they will rise to the challenge. Our academic approach is centered around the highly successful University-Model®, a sequenced curriculum and a gradual, step-by-step approach that helps build confidence and allows each child to realize their potential through mastering the art of learning. This consistent, interactive, and engaging approach provides our students with an exceptional academic foundation and fosters a joy in, and love of, learning. 
This three-stage method consists of grammar, logic, and rhetoric stages. Each stage building upon the last. Basic factual content and rules – the “grammar” – of any given subject are explored first; then an understanding of how to apply the facts – the “logic” – is cultivated; and finally developing and honing the ability to synthesize these two elements into a beautifully creative and articulate argument – the “rhetoric”.

The classical method builds in increments to organize learning around the maturing capacity of the student’s mind, with emphasis during the grammar school years on sensory discovery and learning basic facts and figures during the time when children love to explore and memorize. The subsequent emphasis during the middle school years on logic and analysis trains students to think critically and deeply about subjects, both academic and otherwise. This emphasis corresponds with the middle-school student’s bent toward discovery, questioning, and a desire for deeper understanding. Finally, the emphasis during the high school years shifts toward honing rhetorical skills, including writing, to prepare students to excel at the collegiate level. By structuring learning around the student's natural developmental stages we consider the whole child and find that a deep love of learning, appreciation of the world and a robust academic ability come joyfully and naturally.