Uniform Policy


At Arrow Prep, our uniform policy is driven by our desire to create an environment of learning where dress is a tool to build a sense of family, camaraderie and intention towards the task at hand, rather than being a distraction as it so often is. However, we also believe the school uniform should be comfortable and practical. 



Cardigan/Sweater- Solid navy blue cardigan.  Can be a pull over or zip up.  Please make sure there is no brand logo visible and that there is enough space to put our monogram on it.  

Pants/Trousers/Shorts - Navy or gray only.  No jeans, corduroy, cutoffs, cargo pants or designs.    Shorts should be just above the knee. 

Skirts/Dresses/Pinafores- Must be either solid navy blue or gray.  Dresses must be worn with a collar shirt underneath or have a collar on them.  Please make sure there are no zippers or other details on the dress where monogram will be placed.  No pockets where monogram detail would be.

Polo top- a navy, light blue, white, or gray. May not have any brand logo visible.  Must have enough room for monogram. No pockets.

Shoes should be black, brown, gray, silver, navy or tan, camel or gold.  Shoes must have sides.  No open toe shoes or sandals are allowed.  On rainy days students need to bring a pair of rain-boots to school. Please make all effort to make shoes as solid color as possible.  We do recognize that sometimes it is hard to find that and if there is a shoe that has a logo or some small part of the shoe with a different color we will be understanding to that.  As long as parents do not take advantage of this policy we will keep it this way.  Children must have a good pair of running/tennis shoes for P.E.  If they do not match the dress code those shoes are only allowed to be worn during P.E. or recess. 

Socks- must not be distracting.  No characters or wild patterns permitted. Students will need at least one pair of solid dress socks either navy, gray white or black for Dress Days.

Tights/Leggings- Solid gray, black, navy or white only. On days when your daughter will not be wearing tights with her dress/skirt, please dress her in modesty shorts (navy, black, gray, white, cream or light pink) so she can participate comfortably in all play and learning activities.

Styles may vary in terms of neckline, fabric, etc. to suit your child's specific needs. However, cable knit sweaters and cargo short/pants will not be permitted.

Dress uniform- navy monogrammed sweater, polo shirt or navy dress, gray trousers, navy, black, gray or white socks and gray, tan, navy, black or brown shoes. 

All uniform items can be bought from retailers such as: Target, Old Navy and Gap. Other stores that offer uniforms for purchase online are Amazon, Marks and Spencer and Land's End. We will be putting logos on the polo shirts and sweaters in bulk, details for this will be communicated when available.  A school tee-shirt will need to be purchased from the school and worn on designated days.  The school will also provide an option for a school sweatshirt to be purchased.  This is the only sweatshirt permitted to be worn at school with uniform. 

Please make sure student has warm rainproof coat every day in the rainy season so that we are able to go outside and play.  One child without a coat can stop a class from being able to have necessary play time outdoors. 

All items of clothing worn to school and for school sports must be clearly labeled with the child’s name. 

If there is a hole or large stain on any uniform piece that item will need to be retired and new replacement item purchased.  Students should come to school with clean uniforms every day.  Please do not send child to school with dirt or spills from previous days on uniform.

Uniform Code Enforcement

In an effort to enforce APA’s Uniform Code in an impartial manner, the outlined process will be followed.  We hope this clarifies our expectations and motivates students to avoid the time-consuming hassles that come with uniform noncompliance.  APA views parents as primarily responsible for their child’s uniform compliance.

Students need to be in dress code at all times when at APA. If a student is not in dress code, they will be asked to change. If a change of clothes is not available, parents will be called and need to bring an appropriate uniform to school before the child may return to class. A written notice will be sent home on each offense. If a child has more than 3 dress code violations (starting with the 4th violation) parents will be required to meet with the School Director to discuss remedial action.